About Carinspector's Mobile Car Inspection

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience. If you're like most people, you just want to find a safe and reliable car but don’t have the expertise to determine that on your own. That's where CarInspector.ca comes in. Our inspectors have over 10 years of experience in the automotive service industry. We've bought and sold new and used cars, over seen repairs and inspected hundreds of individual vehicles. However, during our collective experience, we were made aware of a shocking fact there was simply no one looking out for the rights of the consumer. Used car buyers were often persuaded into purchases that they didn't fully understand by sellers eager to move cars off the lot. If a consumer chose to look past the cursory dealership inspection, they would have to hire a mechanic who was often affiliated with the dealership. We've since heard plenty of horror stories from consumers who didn't invest in a full car inspection. Vehicles that had previously been written off, involved in accidents or unforeseen electrical issues, without the least indication from the seller.

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It soon became clear to us that the used car industry was lacking skilled, unbiased used car inspectors that advocated for the rights and ultimately, the knowledge of the consumer. https://www.carinspector.ca/ offers an unbiased, third-party automotive inspection service to ensure that you know what you're buying. Our staff of experienced car inspectors are trained to evaluate every relevant aspect of your car's mechanical performance.

Peace of mind doesn't end with a vehicle inspection checklist. We'll also provide you with a detailed vehicle history report. Virtually every, scratch, dent and touch-up will be documented to provide you with a complete pre-purchase car inspection. What separates CarInspector.ca from other automotive used car inspectors is that our only concern is your satisfaction. We don't have professional relationships with particular mechanics, nor are we affiliated with any particular used-car dealership. Our only priority is to help you make an educated decision about what car is right for you.

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About our Vehicle Inspectors

Our used car inspection mechanics are trained to evaluate every vehicle based on a meticulous 400-point vehicle inspection checklist. They will tell you whether the vehicle's service is up to date, if it's ever been involved in a serious accident and how many previous owners it's had.

One of Car Inspectors best features is that we are a 100% mobile service. You don't even have to be with our team when they perform the used car inspection. Schedule a vehicle inspection online and our mobile team of car inspectors will visit the used car's location and begin a thorough pre-purchase used car inspection. We'll email you the detailed inspection checklist so that you can review the information at your leisure.

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