Get Your Car Inspected Starting at $249.00
Get Your Car Inspected Starting at $249.00

Toronto's Most Trusted Mobile Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Specialists.

Our skilled inspectors are trained to evaluate every vehicle based on a meticulous 400-point vehicle inspection checklist. They are able to tell whether the vehicle's service is up to date, if it's ever been involved in a serious accident and whether or not the previous owner took proper care of the vehicle.

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400 Point Inspection
Vehicle Inspection Test Drive
Bumper-to-Bumper Inspection
Inspections Done Onsite
Why Should You Have A Used Car Inspected Before Buying One?
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Because of, I was able to save $1,650. The inspection found problems with the paint job and not only did the dealership agree to correct the flaws, they discounted the price of my car prior to delivery. This inspection has given me some peace of mind and the confidence that I made a great purchase. Thanks, I will let everyone know about the best kept secret in the used car industry.
Jack H.
When it was time for my son to purchase his first car we decided on buying pre-owned. After doing some research we settled on what seemed to be a nice six year old 4-door sedan with 96,000 km. On the advice of a friend we hired to do an inspection and were shocked to find that the car had undergone major structural repairs. After that we found another car and Car Inspector inspection revealed no problems. My son is happy and safe, thank you!
Darren M.
As a single mother of two with a full time job, I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to car shopping before my lease expired. Thankfully I was able to browse cars online and then send to inspect them, all while on my lunch break. I've had my car for two months now and have had no problems with it. I will recommend to all my friends. Thanks again!
Chandra P.

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